Signature City First Event Photograph
How We Are Different—Not Just Another Autograph Event

I’ve been asked what makes Signature City different from other “autograph” companies. Well to start with we are not an “autograph” company. We are a player experience company.
While most companies will have you come to their event and you get the privilege to pay to stand in line and then get maybe 30 seconds with the player, we offer a more immersive experience with these legends. When you come to a Signature City event, you can expect to spend up to an hour sitting in an intimate, low crowd environment listening to these legends discuss their careers, their post-playing lives and answering your questions.

Our Immersion Events

You will have the opportunity to ask them any questions about their playing days. Ever wonder what went through Mel Renfro’s mind in Super Bowl V when he did or didn’t tip that pass? If you attended our event last year, you would have found out. As we prepare for our events this year you can expect to be not only immersed in our legends’ careers but also have that moment where you can speak to them one on one, yes, get that autograph and get a quick photo with them.

Enjoyable Memorable Experiences

We hope you find these kinds of events more enjoyable than standing in line and waiting for just a few seconds and a signature. We want to create memories. We can’t wait to see you beginning with the first Dallas Cowboys home game in 2020.

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